Air Duct Cleaning Phoenix

Squeeky Kleen offers complete residential and commercial air duct cleaning services in the Phoenix Area.

Air Duct Cleaning Phoenix, by Squeeky Kleen Windows Scan

Anyone who suffers from allergies can benefit duct cleaning. Before we added vent cleaning to our window cleaning business my wife, who suffers from allergies, had our vents cleaned by an air duct cleaner. I was very disappointed with the equipment, process and results of the air vent cleaning so I researched the industry and discovered the Rotobush Air Duct Cleaning System.

Air Duct Cleaning Phoenix, by Squeeky Kleen Windows Cleaning

The Rotobush Duct Cleaning System consists of a dual HEPA vacuum, a long suction hose and a spinning bush just in from of the suction. We send a crew of men who will remove your vents and take them outside for cleaning in soap and water. Then they run the spinning bush up and down the duct paths so the bush can clean the vents and the dirt is sucked into the vacuum. (Please see video below.)

Once your ducts have been cleaned, one of the air duct cleaners can spray an optional EPA registered antimicrobial which will inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

Our air conditioning duct cleaning system works best on homes with “flex ducts” which are found in home built since 1970. If your home was built before 1970 we may not be the best option for you but we can recommend someone if you call the office. If your duct system has not been cleaned for more than twenty-five years and has a significant build-up a fine dust, some of the dust may blow back into the home during cleaning.

Click Below To See A Video Of Our Air Duct Cleaning Process.

Air Duct Cleaning Phoenix