Window Restoration Phoenix

If You Can See Moisture Or Fog In Your Windows You Have An Air Leak!

Have Us Remove It Before It Causes Permanent Damage.

Save up to 70% of replacement cost.

window-restorationOver time the seal that keeps the moisture out of your double pane windows fail which leads to moisture between the panes. Most people believe this means it’s time to replace their windows and that is what the window manufactures want you to think. They have engineered their product to fail just a few years after the warranty expires. Since 1990 a little known process has been used to permanently restore millions of foggy, moist windows to their original appearance saving the home owners at least 70% of the replacement cost. We Service Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler and ALL surrounding Areas!

Why Choose a Window Restoration Phoenix Company?

Glass or window replacement can be very expensive and disruptive to your home. Now with the Gore Venting System and special cleaning techniques we can restore your windows and even remove hazes, mineral deposits and some water spotting from in between windows panes.

The Gore Vents allow the window to dry out, while still providing a waterproof barrier to prevent more water from getting inside. Our restoration service is a fast, efficient, on-site repair without removing the glass! Our professional work is backed-up by a ten year warranty from a company that has been serving the valley for over eleven years.

What Causes Window Seals to Fail – Solar Pumping

xtra_ppg-solar-pumpingFrom the day they installed the windows in your home they have been expanding during the warm days and contracting at night when it cools. When they expand they suck in air which contains moisture. The window manufactures know this so they fill the spacer bar within the frame with a moisture absorbent material called desiccant. Over ten to fifteen years the desiccant become full of moisture and like a sponge it cannot absorb any more water so it starts appearing on the inside of the window pane.

Our Time Test Process

illustration_solar_pumpingOur technicians effectively re-engineer your window, ventilating them so the unit can expel moisture on its own. As sunlight heats and pressurizes a curing window, the valve is activated, allowing vaporized moisture in the chamber to vent to the outside. In a very short period, all moisture is expelled from the unit and clarity returns.

No holes in your walls for window replacement, while they replace your glass or windows. No mess from tearing out the sash. No inconvenience from men working around your house for days.

This is an eco-friendly restoration at a fraction of the cost of replacing the unit.

Call today for a free estimate and see how much you can save.

Window Restoration Phoenix